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We are hiring for a variety of projects

Mobile Strategy Game

We are looking for developers to help create a Supercell-inspired mobile strategy game. For this project, we will use Swift (XCode on OSX, RemObjects Silver on Windows). Development will commence in July. The project's investors have promised to give us a wide range of creative freedom.

3D Virtual Places

We are building an app that allows users to experience 3D virtual places. The app is written in C# and Swift and uses Unity3D.

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate would have these qualities:

  • Experience in Swift, C#, C++, Java or similar languages. Our studio is transitioning to Swift (XCode on OSX, Silver on Windows)
  • Experience with mobile game engines such as Unity3d or Cocos2d
  • Interest in graphics or game development
  • Intermediate or better English

Contact Us

If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume to

Office Location

We are 270 meters from Metro Constitution (formerly called Radianska/Sovietskaya) in Kharkiv, Ukraine

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